The Senior Project

The Senior Project

Political studies senior projects are generally characteristic of the discipline of political science with respect to their overall structure, analytical orientations, and length.  This generally means a piece of writing that is concise and driven by a compelling question or puzzle; in other words, work that is analytical rather than descriptive in nature.  See below for documents pertaining to the political senior project, such as the application process and the assigning of the senior project advisor, the required length of the project, and samples of senior projects from recent years.

Senior Project Documents

Recent Senior Projects

  • “To the Victor Go the Spoils of Law: Prisoners of War in World War II and the Impotence of Geneva”
  • “Ask Me if I’m Tryna’ Kick Knowledge: Hip-Hop Consumption and Its Effects on Political Attitudes”
  • “The Choice of the People: Direct Legislations, Abortion Policy and the American Democratic Ideal”
  • “The Force of International Legitimacy: Hamas and the Palestinian Authority”
  • “The Politics of Urban Environments: A Comparative Study of Political Partnerships in Environmental Policy in the United States, China and Brazil”
  • “Torture, Terror and the Paradox of U.S. Identity”
  • “Protest Cultures and Repertoires of Contention: Explaining the Divergent Levels of Public Support and Participation in the 2011 Protests in Spain and the United States”